New Projects Page Coming!

I’m hoping in the next week or so to have a new project page up using a new post type. I have some exciting work to show, but until I get the new page, here are a few things I have done recently or am working on.

Vue Hangman

Just a simple take on hangman to test out Vue’s capabilities and play with the Github API.

Drupal Gif Field

A Drupal 8 field that can be connected to Giphy only right now, but I’m currently extending it to work with more services like Tenor or Gyfcat.

React App Tutorial

A React tutorial that has been presented to the Chief internal team as an ongoing effort to expand our stack. It is still a work in progress, but each branch is topic and connects to a set of slides. Branches 1-13 cover basic React with very few extras added to Create React App. Branchs 14+ cover using Redux to expand the capabilities of the app. (May take a minute for Heroku to start the app)